W2 Profile: Michael Baldwin, Waypoint Marine Technologies Guru

by Chris McCotter


This month’s focus for our W2 Profile piece is Michael Alvin Baldwin, owner of Waypoint Marine Technologies. The 43-year-old resident of Matoaca, Virginia operates a business that offers anglers and boaters the expertise to install today’s modern marine electronics. This daunting task has become more and more challenging for the average angler, so Baldwin has positioned himself well to be very busy!

   We caught up with him recently and started off asking him how he got into fishing?

   “I always liked the outdoors when I was growing up. I remember fishing from piers and banks. But funny thing, for some reason I was scared of the idea of getting in a boat. I may have been around 8 or so and my uncle Snoopy tried to take me to the river and I screamed and said “I’m not getting in no boat.” Needless to say, I didn’t get in the boat. But now look at me as a tournament angler and installing equipment on boats!

  We asked if Baldwin prefers bass fishing, or does he enjoy all kinds of fishing? 

  “I prefer bass fishing, but when I’m at the beach I do a little saltwater fishing. I prefer bass fishing over all because I like the challenge of using artificial lures and to figure out what kind they like.

   So, of course we asked him why he wanted to operate a marine tech company and what his goals were with Waypoint Marine Technologies? 

   “I have a great passion for doing this kind of work, the neatness, the creativity, and also every job is different you’re always learning. My goals would be one day to open a big shop and potentially do some major installation for some elite anglers. Also, to work with some of the top companies out there.”

   In the world of marine installers we wondered what Baldwin thought made him different? 

  “I’m not sure I’m so different from any others; I just know I stand by my work, and I understand the voltage drop that some of these guys are seeing with their equipment. I don’t want to be different, I just want to give my clients what they’re looking for. I aim to please and do an outstanding job.”

  How does one become qualified to be a marine tech installer? 

   “I took a NMEA Marine Electronics Course, I’ve also taken all Lowrance classes to become certified on trolling motors as well as their electronics. I also carry an electrical journeyman’s license.”

  What services do you offer?

  “I offer electronic, batteries, trolling motors, shallow water anchoring, lights, stereos and anything electrical that can be done to boats as well as trailers. I’m also a Lowrance Ghost Authorized Service Center. I am starting to do on-the-water electronic fine-tuning for Lowrance HDS Lives, Pros, Garmin Ultra series and also their forward-facing sonars; Lowrance’s Active Target 1 & 2, Garmins LVS 32 & 34. I will also do Mercury oil changes and lower units, but my specialty is the electrical.”

   Where’s your favorite place to fish and why? 

  “I like Kerr Lake/Buggs Island. I’ve always liked that lake and I do well in tournaments there to some extent, so that’s a plus. I really enjoy it when the bass are schooling and you’re catching them on topwater, which is my favorite technique.”

    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

  “I enjoy spending time with the family, camping, fishing, traveling, sporting events, being outdoors, grilling, relaxing and friends.”

   What do you think of all the new technology entering fishing? 

  “I think it’s interesting and amazing how far the new technology has come. But that’s the world we live in; something new every two or three years. I still think that even though you have the FFS you still have to figure out what species and how to catch them. I believe people see these guys on TV and say it’s easy and there’s no skill involved, but what they don’t see is the countless hours that they spend on the water chasing and learning these electronics. The younger generation has it figured out. They like the new technology and can adapt easier than some of the older fisherman.”

    What was the most elaborate installation you’ve done yet? 

   “I just recently installed three Lowrance HDS 12s with precision sonar mounts, Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor, Lowrance Active Target 2, and four Ionic Batteries with a 4Bank onboard charger.”

    What do you think is the percentage between freshwater and saltwater anglers that patronize your business? “Freshwater 85%, saltwater 15%. I’m a small and new company so the numbers are small and should be but hopefully they will grow.

To follow Baldwin’s fishing adventures and promotional activities, please visit Instagram – @MBJFishing, Facebook – @MBJFishing,  

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