What’s New In Bass Boats 2024?

by Chris McCotter

Have we seen the peak in bass boat prices? For several years it seemed like the prices would never stop rising. 2024 could be the year where they stop as manufacturers caught up with demand last year and inventories are much better. Inflation is ebbing slowly as well. Will manufacturers lower prices? There are some interest rate deals (mostly on Bass Pro Shops brand boats) and special offers that do lower your overall cost to purchase out there, but bass boats have become expense just like everything else that burns gas and moves. 

   It appears the 21’ bass boat craze is slowing a bit with many manufacturers focusing their 2024 efforts on 20’ models with 250 hp outboards that permit a slightly lower price point. Keep that in mind as you shop around. 

  Another bass boat trend we are seeing across the top brands include the incorporation of a shelf in the driver’s console where two large screen electronics can be mounted.

  Here’s what you can expect to see at the winter boat shows and at area dealers’ showrooms this spring

Bass Cat

  With 10 models to choose from all manufactured in Mountain Home, Arkansas, Bass Cat has always set itself apart from other boat builders. New for 2024 is the Caracal STS a boat that positions itself in the high end 20’ bass boat segment at 20’2” long, 96”wide, weighing 1,890 pounds, with a 52-gallon fuel capacity (twin tanks) and 300 max hp rating. The boat comes with plenty of standard features including Humminbird electronics and a Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor, 28-ounce carpet, 4 gauge trolling motor wiring, Hydro Turf on the cockpit floor, triangular livewell openings, understeat storage, coinbox step up to back deck and step up to front deck cooler, a unique front deck center storage compartment, adjustable trollilng motor foot pedal placement and room for two fishfinders on the bow, plus six stainless steel cupholders throughout the boat.


   Earl Bentz is back in the boat building business with Caymas. The company was founded in 2018 and the boats are built in their own Ashland City, Tennessee plant. Bentz was a pioneer boat racer/boat builder that created bass boat companies like HydraSports, Stratos, Javelin and Triton and he’s taken all he’s learned over his many years in the industry and produced the Caymas fresh and saltwater hulls.

   THE CX 20 is the fastest model in Caymas’ line of premium tournament bass boats. The CX 20 hull is 20’ 4” in length and sports a 96” beam. Most anglers are powering the CX 20 with a 250hp outboard and enjoying speeds over 75 mph. Order the Caymas CX 20 Pro and the boat will arrive at the dealer with a Lowrance® HDS 9 LIVE at the bow, a Lowrance® HDS 9 LIVE at the console, Lowrance® 2-IN-1 Active Imaging, Lowrance Point-1 antenna, the NEMA harness, Ethernet cable, Oxygen Innovations livewell system, Keel protector, a custom boat cover and a dual disc brake upgrade on trailer. All Caymas CX 20 models are equipped with industry-first Hi-Speed pickup aerator pumps. This pump continues to add freshwater into your livewells while you are running down the lake. 

  Caymas also offers 18, 19 and 21-foot CX bass boat models.


   Down in Newberry, South Carolina there is a relatively new bass boat builder that regional anglers have taken a shine to. Falcon offers hulls of 21, 20, 19 and 18’, the most popular of which is the F20 Predator. At 20’2” long, 99” wide with a hull weight of 1,890 pounds, 50-gallon fuel tank and 250 maximum hp rating this boat hauls bass. This boat has rocker-style switches throughout, a sliding tackle tray in the fiberglass center bow storage compartment, a step cooler to the front deck, a dry box that holds two, Plano 3600 boxes in front of the passenger seat, 6 mm foam decking in the cockpit, storage compartment, step up to back deck between driver and passenger seats and chrome trailer fenders. A number of additional standard features including, LED courtesy lights, LED compartment lights, LED livewell light, LED lights on front deck, custom cover, Minn Kota Ultrex 112 iPilot Link with MDI and Humminbird Solix 10 and 12 units make the F20 Predator a great tournament boat.

  Take a look at the 2023 Falcons at Propeller Dynamics in Prince William, Virginia. 804.706-1847.


   This is a new player in the high-end bass boat market (debuted in 2023) designed with pro angler Jacob Wheeler and Brent Butler. The hull design is said to be rooted in the old Hydrasports heritage, if you can remember that far back!

   Currently there are LX20 and LX21 models and a VLX model said to be coming this spring. The closest dealer in in South Carolina.

  The LX20 is 20’10” long, 98” wide, has a 50-gallon fuel tank and will accommodate up to 250 hp. The boat does have some interesting aspects including a hull that flairs out at the cockpit from the stern – they call it the Hydrodynamic Stabalizer System. Icon did this to incorporate saltwater boat strategies for stability, comfort and speed. Twin rear deck L2 Latonia livewells are gelcoated in light blue with insulated cooler-like lids. This innovative, first-in-class, automated livewell system controls auto-fill, auto-maintain-fill, auto-circulate, auto-oxygenation, auto-inject fish additive, and even auto-temp. The lid and cavity shape designs, united with the integration controls mechanisms and a left-fit chiller plate, produce a healthy environment with anti-sloshing for fish to survive with only care at the click of helm controls. You can also fill your livewall bag with something called a quick connect fill system. The boat also features a cavernous front deck center tackle storage compartment (said to hold up to 50 tackle boxes) and twin rod lockers (said to be able to handle 36 rods), step up to front deck Yeti-like insulated cooler, coinbox step up to back deck storage, suspended buck seats, twin rear storage compartments (all storage compartments are considered “ultra-dry” with tall gutter system) and gull wing doors to access the battery compartment. The console has a touch screen for many functions including the livewell system.

  The Icon LX20 is just over $100K. The LX21 is over $120K.


  This Minnesota-based boat manufacturer has perhaps more models than any other boat builder in the world. There are boat options for bass, crappie, muskie, walleye, bay, great lakes, utility and hunting.

The most intriguing options for area anglers are the Pro-V Bass XS, the Renegade and Predator lines.

  The Pro-V Bass XS is available in 18 and 20 models. The 1875 XS was made popular by Jon B of the Googan Squad, who used it during the filming of many of his popular YouTube shows. The 1875 XS is 18’9” long, 96” wide, holds 39 gallons of fuel and will handle up to 200 hp. The 2075 XS 20’10” long, 96” wide, holds 49 gallons of fuel and up to 250 hp.

  The Renegade Lund line is positioned to compete against Tracker with 17, 18 and 19’ models. The 1975 is 19’9” long, 95” wide, holds 32 gallons of fuel, weighs 1,520 pounds and takes up to 150 hp on a modified v hull. The back deck has unique, dual pop-up seats set just outside the passenger and driver seats that also serve as lids to rear storage compartments. The cockpit floor is covered in vinyl and there is a center rod storage box in the bow.

  The Predator line has models 16, 17, 18 and 20’ with the 2070 center console at the top measuring 20’ long, 96” wide with a 20-gallon fuel cell and able to hold up to 150 hp and available in an olive drab or marsh grass exterior.

  Virginia’s Lund dealer is Mid Atlantic Marine at Lake Anna. www.midatlanticwaterssports.com.


   Johnny Morris’s Bass Pro boat is making a serious attempt to earn your tournament boat money in 2024 with aggressive pricing on its Z20 Pro model. This boat is 20’2” long, 94” wide, weighs 2,000 pounds with a 50-gallong fuel capacity and capable of handling up to 250 hp. A properly rigged Z20 Pro runs around 68 mph.

  Standard features includes a Mercury Four Stroke Pro XS 250 with Torque Master lower unit, a Lowrance Ghost 36V trolling motor, a Lowrance HDS LIVE 9 flush-mounted fishfinder with StructureScan in the dash, a Lowrance HDS LIVE 9 gimbal-mounted fish finder with ActiveTarget and Structure Scan on the bow (all three are NMEA networked), a five-inch in-dash digital touchscreen, dash light dimmer, Veethree multifunction instrumentation, a livewell culling system, factory applied keep protector, Hot Foot throttle, a four-bank battery charger, one extra trolling battery, twin 19-gallon Guardian livewells, twin rear storage compartments, padded front deck, Z-CORE seating system, a center bow tackle management system compartment, port and starboard side rod locker, two molded aft storage boxes that hold seven 3700 tackle boxes, a lift out tray for tool/rope storage in battery compartment, insulated aluminum storage lids with welded corners, passenger rod ramp with rod handle organizer and hold down strap, a NOCO GB40 jump starter pack, LED lighted bow storage, below console RAM X-Grip phone holder and 12V outlet, Step to bow deck w/62-qt. (58.67 L) insulated cooler, removable trash receptacle & snap-in sandwich tray, hull integrated port and starboard running lights and a twin axle trailer.

  The 2024 Nitro Z20 Pro sells for around $65,500 and can be found at Dee Kidd’s Anna’s Marine Center at Lake Anna. www.annasmarinecenter.com.


  Gary Glouse has spent a lifetime fishing professionally and building boats. His Phoenix bass boat line has become popular among area anglers. The flagship is the PHX 21. This boat is 21’6”, 96” wide, weighs 1,950 pounds, holds 50 gallons of fuel and accommodates up to 250 hp.


   The flagship of Johnny Morris’ boat brands has two traditional bass boat model lines to choose from: the Z Comanche Series and The Z Series hulls. The only fully new rig for 2024 is the Z518, Ranger Cup Equipped edition. The Z518 is a nice option for those wanting a Ranger but not the premium price associated with the brand. Add all the Ranger Cup option and you have an 18’10” long, 97” wide, 1,650-pound boat that sells for around $56,000 (with a 150 hp) but will hold up to 200 hp and 39 gallons of fuel. Ranger Cup niceities include a Lowrance HDS-9 Live with Active Target on the bow, Lowrance HDS-9 Live at the console with Active Imaging, an onboard Dual Pro auto detect lithium capable battery charger, Lowrance Ghost 24V trolling motor, Hot Foot Throttle, a center rod box in the bow deck with rod management system, tool holders at the bow and front deck step, USB charging port and 12V receptacle,  plus special 55th anniversary badging.

  Ranger’s top 20’ hull would be the Z520R at 20’11”, 96” wide and able to accommodate up to 250 hp. That boat will set you back around $80K. The Ranger Z519 is 19’9” long, 97” wide and holds up to 225 hp and sells for around $64,000.


   Is the Skeeter ZXR20 the best value in tournament bass boats? Some would say it is. This boat is 20’4” long, 97” wide, weighs 2,275 pounds with a 48-gallon fuel capacity and holds up to 250 hp. Properly set up, the boat should run over 70 mph.

  Numerous standard fishing features put the ZXR20 in a standard-setting class including a cavernous center tackle storage compartment on the front deck flanked by a port side rod locker and a rod locker/storage compartment on the starboard side as well as a go to storage compartment. There are two bucket seats with a middle seat area that has storage underneath. The passenger has a slotted rod storage area with a trash receptacle. To access the front deck there’s a two step area with tool storage on either side. Twin aerated livewells are tucked just inside twin storage compartments in the rear deck. A split compartment accesses the battery and bilge area.

  Standard with the ZXR20 is a Yamaha V MAX SHO 250 four stroke outboard, Hot Foot throttle, a Minn Kota Ultrex iPilot 112 trolling motor, two 8’ Minn Kota Raptors (an option on other packaged rigs), a Humminbird Helix 12 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G4N with temperature in the dash, a Helix 9 CHIRP MEGA DI GPS G4N with temperature on the bow (both are gimbal mounted) a twin axle trailer, two bike seats, Hamby Keel Protector, Minn Kota 10 amp 5-bank charter, dry dock ventilation system, LED storage compartment lighting and eight color choices. The cockpit and boat switches are rocker style for assured performance.

  This boat sells for around $76,000 NAP so if you are in the market for such a feat of engineering, you’ll want to check around for a boat with similar features.

  The Skeeter lineup of bass boats consists of the ZXR hulls (ZXR21, ZXR20 and ZXR19), the FXR hulls (FXR 21 APEX, FXR 20 APEX, FXR 21 L and FXR 20 L) and the ZX 200 and ZX 150.

  You’ll want to check with Dee Kidd at Anna’s Marine Center at Lake Anna for a 2024 Skeeter. www.annasmarinecenter.com


  The Tracker Pro Team 175 TXW remains one of the most popular fishing boats in the nation. At 17’7” long, 89”wide, a package weight of just 2,235 pounds, 21.5-gallon fuel capacity and able to hold up to 75 hp, the Pro Team 175 TXW sells for around $24,000 (with a 60 hp) and $25,715 with the 75 hp outboard. Tracker is now powdercoat painting and clearcoating this boat with what they dub the Diamond Coat 3.0 process, so they have better curb appeal and durabilitiy. The 2024 Tracker boats can be found at Dee Kidd’s Anna’s Marine Center at Lake Anna. www.annasmarinecenter.com.


  The 2024 Triton 20XP Patriot is 20’5” long, 95” wide, weighs @2,220 pounds, with a 50-gallon fuel capacity and handles up to 250 hp. The total package weight comes in at under 3,000 pounds.

  According to Triton it will run past 70 mph. A rededication to performance drove the engineering for this new boat. To accomplish this, designers moved the center of gravity back nine inches to get the boat up and moving in a hurry. Inside, the cockpit features a full roster of innovations including the TriTouch™ touchscreen control unit that offers insight into critical engine functions and performance and proven rocker switches for accessories. An integrated console shelf lets you mount two big screen graphs at the helm and all-new seating adds plush comfort and support. The cockpit floor is covered in hydro turf instead of carpet and features a Pro Pedal foot throttle.

  Standard features include Lowrance® HDS fishfinders (Lowrance HDS 12 PRO with Active Imaging HD 3 in 1 transducer in the dash and a Lowrance HDS 9 PRO with ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar transducer at the bow) reside at the bow and dash, a powerful 37V Lowrance® Ghost trolling motor is standard on the bow, keel guard, pull up cleats, NOCO on board battery charger, center bow tackle storage compartment,  twin bow rod lockers, auto on LED compartment lights, the adjustable driver and passenger suspension bucket seats, built-in fish measuring board with tool holder, a built-in ice chest on the step up to the front deck, center coinbox step to rear deck with fiberglass lid, twin rear livewells with divider, timer and Oxygenator system, twin rear tackle storage compartments that accommodate 14 3700 tackle boxes, passenger side rod ramp and foot rest drawer, a tandem axle trailer with custom wheels, are just a few of these standard features found on the 20XP Patriot. 

    The 20XP Patriot runs $68,995. There are 10 standard color schemes to choose from. Triton also has a new 20XP that features the same hull without quite as many standard features for $66,995.

War Eagle

  This Arkansas-based aluminum boat manufacturer fields six model lines for 2024; the Sportsman, the Blackhawk, the Predator, the VS Stick Steers, the Tomahawk and Renegade. 

  War Eagle Boats has built a reputation of having the toughest aluminum boats on the water.  All models are built using all welded aluminum and the wings transom design that creates superior handling, even in choppy waters.

   Since 1992, War Eagle Boats have been a force in the duck hunting industry, providing customers with the best camo paint jobs in the business.  Each boat is individually painted using a tested process that produces HD camo results that blend perfectly with your environment. The Sportsman Gladiator model is a regional favorite with duck hunters that install mud motor type outboards on them.   

   The Predator and VS models are popular with crappie guides and pro anglers throughout the south. 

   If you are looking for a boat that can fish as hard as it hunts, then check out the Blackhawk series. These models come fully loaded and are built on an 18°V hull that not only provides a smoother ride but will keep you dry.  The best feature of the Blackhawk is that the layout can be customized with either a side or center console, each with an impressive list of standard equipment.  

 The 2170 Blackhawk is a center console fishing and hunting rig that measures 21’6” long, 98” wide and holds up to 150 hp. The 961 Blackhawk is 19’5” long and 89” wide and is rated for 115-150 hp depending on the console choice.

 Stop by Tomahund Marine on Rt. 5 near the mouth of the Chickahominy River for a look at the 2023 War Eagle boats. 



  This is the company made up of ex-Ranger engineers and executives after the acquisition a number of years back by Bass Pro Shops. The Vexus AVX is their aluminum line and the VX is the fiberglass line.

   The flagship VX21 is 21’11” long, 97” wide, holds 58 gallons of fuel and up to 300 hp. The boat sports a number of exclusive design features, perhaps the most noteworthy is the Infused Composite Construction process that eliminates spraying layers of gelcoat and offers a much more exact molding process drive by vacuum.

 The new for 2024 AVX2 line is topped by the AVX 2080. This aluminum/fiberlass hull is 20’2” long, 95” wide, holds 35 gallons of fuel and up to 200 hp. All the Vexus aluminum rigs look like fiberglass boats with the curving lines their exclusive manufacturing process permits. Neither the VX21 or AVX 2080 has a published hull weight.


  This original all-welded aluminum boat builder offers models in eight categories: bass, bay, skiff, catfish, crappie, hunting, utility and jon.

  Area bass anglers have taken to the X21 Pro model that, when properly matched with a 250 hp outboard can push 80+ mph. Just ask BASS Pro Jason Christie how he likes his. There’s also an X19 Pro and an X18 Pro model.

  The X21 Pro is 21’ long with a 95” beam that handles up to 250 hp and holds 40 gallons of fuel. Many anglers are opting for the Xpress Appearance Package with custom fitted SeaDek in a striking, color-coordinated pattern.

  The Xpress Hyperlift series includes a H18 and H17 model.

  Take a look at the 2024 Xpress boats at Propeller Dynamics in Prince William, Virginia. 804.706-1847.

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