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by Chris McCotter

March in the Old Dominion can be a mixed bag of weather.  Snow and freezing temperatures one week and the next week we find ourselves switching the thermostat to A/C only to change back over again.  This crazy weather pattern can be challenging for both fish and anglers alike as water temperatures fluctuate and the fishing is unpredictable however if you hit it right, this is a month where many large, voracious fish are landed.

   Brian “Razor” Bodine of Razorback Guide Service loves putting his clients on the spring time “hawgs” on the James River.  The smallmouth are hungry and spend their time bulking up in preparation for spawning and Razor knows exactly where they are and what they’ll bite.  “Somewhere between the 50 and 60 degree mark is when the stars line up and the rods start bending,” Bodine explained.  He recommends waiting for the mid-day sun to warm up a few pockets which will attract the fish.  Tubes, deep-diving crankbaits and jig & pigs are good to throw this month for smallmouth success.  Experiment with colors but green pumpkin and watermelon pepper are good to start with.  If you’re not so sure you can crack the code then call Razor today to schedule a guided outing with him.  Whether you just want one day of boating fish or you have a desire to learn the ins and outs of smallmouth fishing from the master, Razor will help you meet your goals.

  Seasoned crappie anglers know that   March to mid-April is an excellent time to fish for freckles and the waters are warming and the spawn commences.  Light spinning or spin-casting rods are best with a small jig, spoon or minnow immatator tied on.  Docks, brush piles and lay-downs will be where the crappie congregate so you’re not out of luck if you don’t have a boat.  Casting from a dock or the shoreline may land plenty of freckles to fill your cooler. 

   April 1 & 2 is Youth & Apprentice Spring Turkey Hunting Weekend and if you’re looking forward to the season ahead, please find a way to introduce this age-old tradition to a youth or apprentice on this dedicated weekend.  Hunting hours are from ½ hour before sunrise to sunset and bag limit is one turkey (bearded bird only) per youth/apprentice hunter.  Don’t forget that birds harvested by youth or apprentice hunters actually do count against their season bag limit.  If you’re out in the woods on this weekend send us a photo!  And remember, although bagging a gobbler is the ultimate goal, it’s the time together in the woods that is the lasting memory of the day.  April 8 is the statewide season opener for spring gobbler and runs through May 13.

  Central Virginia Outdoors in Beaverdam is a great place to get outfitted to hunt turkey with bow or gun. They have pro shop, indoor range, ammo, even a tackle shop.

  Lake Anna  Outfitters is the first Atlantic coast dealer of the new Feelfree kayak Moken 10 V2 PDL (pedal drive) kayak.  This 10’4” long, 35” wide boat has a 425 pound weight capacity and with the EZ Rider adjustable seat, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in your favorite lazy boy chair while your paddling.  These rigs come with a Beavertail rudder, pedal drive system (freeing up your hands so you can focus on fishing), the 8-ball steering system, front and rear track plates, a wheel in the keel and tons of storage. They’re currently available in winter camo, ocean camo, desert camo and green flash. Give Lake Anna Outfitters a call today and set up a time to see these amazing, comfortable, functional and versatile rigs that can take you where the fish are and you don’t need a hefty monthly boat payment.  

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