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by Chris McCotter

November in our region is, hands down, the absolute best month of the year if you’re an avid outdoorsman. Hunting seasons are opening up, the fishing is good, it’s not blisteringly hot and the ticks, chiggers and mosquitos are gone following the first couple of hard frosts. If you use your time wisely you can spend your mornings in the woods, afternoons on the water and then finish the day back in your favorite tree stand.

November and December are excellent months to hire a guide. Fishing and/or hunting it’s just a great time to get out with someone who might know some tips and tricks that you never even thought about.

Yes, the ultimate goal of hiring a guide is to end the day having caught or bagged the quarry you were after, but you should also remember that they are there for you to answer any questions you might have. Most guides are happy to engage! One word of advice, however. Ask your questions while you are in the presence of your guide on your scheduled guided trip. It’s not advisable to call a guide on the phone or send an email/text and ask where the best fishing spots are or where the deer are. If you want to know, book a trip with them and they’ll show you. Guides and outfitters are able to feed their families and pay their bills by using their knowledge and skills to take clients out for successful trips. This is true even after you’ve shared a hunt or a fishing trip with your guide, it’s not advisable to call them two weeks later and ask where the fish are or where the deer have moved to. If you want to know how to go after your quarry that time of year then book another trip. There should be a chapter in Emily Post’s Etiquette book on this because we think it’s very good information that perhaps not everyone thinks about.

Speaking of guides, Razorback Guide Service’s owner Brian Bodine is again offering his trophy buck hunts on his private land lease. Book a hunt with Bodine and enjoy your day hunting rich bottomland that is planted in corn and other grains. Bodine has stands placed strategically where the big boys roam and your chances of success are high.

Razor also offers hunts on numerous other private land locations where your odds of bagging a buck and/or a doe are sky high. The doe hunts make for memorable father/son and father/daughter outings and will often fill your freezer. Bodine has two, now grown children of his own that he had by his side in the woods and on the water and he’s been a life-long educator so you and your family are in good hands here.

James River anglers know that the fish are active and smallmouth fishing should be phenomenal as they’re aggressively feeding to fatten up for the winter months. You’ll find smallies in locations that will provide good opportunities at plentiful baitfish. Finding structure near creek mouths and casting spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits and any other life-like bait lure will elicit strikes. Keep the retrieves slower to entice the bigger boys. This time of year it’s often wise to hit the river later in the day when the sun has warmed the water a bit.

Should your gun or your bow need some attention this month be sure to call or stop by Shooters Archery in Partlow or High Tech in Keswick and let them know you need a pro! Supporting small businesses in our community is not only the right thing to do, but you’ll find the customer service will be off the charts and your job will be done right the first time.

Looking for an affordable fishing and hunting boat? Lake Anna Outfitters at High Point Marina has a few fishing/hunting kayaks left, including two 3 Waters Big Fish 105’s with pedal drive, a Feel Free Lure 11.5 V2 with Overdrive and two Feel Free Moken 10 V2s.

From our family to yours, we wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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