New Bass Tackle

by Chris McCotter

So many lures and so little space! The past two years has created an explosion in fishing interest and the industry has responded accordingly. There are many new rod and reel companies, new soft bait makers and creative new designs, new jig heads, storage boxes, it’s overwhelming. Here’s an overview of just some of the new bass tackle you’ll be seeing arriving at area tackle shops soon.

ABU Garcia

  The new Revo Rocket spinning reel features an asymmetrical X-Craftic alloy body design, that gives anglers a more compact, lightweight body. The Rocket also features the newAMG2 gear system, that is 17% larger than the previous generation, allowing for extra gear strength and the ability to create the Rocket’s extreme gear ratio of 7.6:1 with 9 ball-bearing HPCR System. 

  The ABU Garcia Revo X combo is available in three casting models with an all-new style and improved performance. It features an asymmetrical reel design for greater comfort and is paired with a 30-ton graphite rod for added sensitivity – this duo has the looks to kill and the features avid anglers will enjoy. The Low Profile Combo features 7 SS bearings + 1 roller bearing, an X2 Craftic Alloy frame, a Mag-Trax braking system, a Carbon 20lb drag and carbon rear grip for lightweight sensitivity and feel all for $199.


  Adding to their already stellar lineup of award-winning soft plastics, Berkley’s newest PowerBait soft plastic, the PowerStinger, is sure to quickly become a favorite straight tailed minnow-style bladed jig trailer thanks to its unique design. Featuring new, patent pending “honeycomb” technology, the PowerBait PowerStinger offers additional swimming action when paired with a bladed jig that triggers fish to bite. The PowerStinger has a thick baitfish profile and a dense head that is durable and prevents tearing. A perfect match with the new Berkley Slobberknocker, the PowerStinger is available in both 3.5-inch and 4.25-inch, with 12 standard colors and 4 HD colors. 

  The Berkley Slobberknocker features an innovative through-head design that is completely unique from other bladed jigs. Featuring a signature hand-tied Berkley silicone skirt infused with PowerBait flavor to help ensure that every fish that bites will hold on longer, it also features a chip-resistant paint finish and sticky sharp Fusion19 hook. And, to match the hatch, it’s available in 12 premium forage matching colorways. This grand combination makes the new Berkley Slobberknocker the ultimate solution when it comes to fishing bladed jigs.

  Expanding on their impressive line of Berkley Frittside crankbaits, Berkley created of a clicking. With a balsa-like action and enhanced clicking sound, the Clickin’ Frittside fills a gap in the lineup to further deliver results in stained and dirty water situations. The Frittside Crankbait features a FlashDisc and flat-sided body shape that mimics a variety of species and provides a balanced weighting system that makes for easier and more accurate casting.

  The Berkley Juke is the new highly versatile crankbait for saltwater and freshwater anglers with a coffin-shaped bill for maximum darting action with little effort. This flat-sided shad-shaped body, featuring a tantalizing side flash, can be cranked, twitched, or trolled with an extremely lifelike movement that entices strikes from various fish. This unique bait was designed by world-class design engineers at Berkley Labs to provide a level of responsiveness and fantastic rolling action with minimal rod movement and is equipped with precision-tuned rattles for maximum attraction capabilities. 

Bill Lewis

  Available in three different sizes, the aptly named Bill Lewis ATV is built for any type of structure or cover around. The ATV 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5 are all available in 12 fish-catching colors.


  For 2023 the makers of the secretively popluar OG Herring will introduce a smaller version said to wander like it’s nearly six-inch big brother. This topwater lure has been deadly on area lakes with relatively clear water. Also new for 2023 is the Prodigy line of swimbaits. Made from a proprietary plastic material these baits are extremely durable, lifelike and swim true with very little blowout even at higher retrieve speeds. The baits are available in three-inch, and 4.1” version in blood shadow, white pearl, chartreuese, glow purple reign, blue moon, gypsy and blueback herring.  You can fish them on wire keeper jig heads or on A-rigs. Six and eight-inch version are said to be coming later in the year.

Costa Del Mar

  Costa’s Jose Pro sunglasses bring next-level performance to its best-selling Jose frame in 2022. Named in honor of the legendary waterman and larger than life personality, Jose Wejebe, this frame builds off the original with SIX PROformance innovations to help anglers manage sweat, reduce fogging and keep their frames locked in place, even when the water gets rough. The Jose PRO celebrates the legacy of the man who broke barriers in the angling community and lived for the thrill of the bite.


  The new flagship reel for Daiwa features every piece of technology ever invented in spinning reels by Daiwa, making the Exist G LT 22 one of the finest spinning reels ever built. Or it sure seems like it, starting with the AIRDRIVE ROTOR that has reduced weight with more rigidity. The AIRDRIVE BAIL reduces weight by 33% with an adjusted angle to improve line management. The AIRDRIVE SPOOL has a newly shaped spool skirt. The AIRDRIVE SHAFT has a non contact structure between the mainshaft and pinion gear. It’s built on a Monocoque Body, with Touch Digigears, Magsealed for durability and water resistance and a new generation ATD Type-L drag System that improves initial drag response. These flagship reels start at a whopping $859.

Ever Green

  Designed in Japan to service bass anglers used to difficult, discerning bass on waters like famed Lake Biwa, the Ever Green XV-5 was painstakingly designed and tested to catch fish when other methods fail—even $30 artisan-painted jerkbaits, which Japan is also known for. The bait does not feature a knocker or internal rattle—also a plus for targeting clear, water pressured fish. The tight wobble produces all the vibration and sound necessary to draw the lateral line detection of bass, stripers, wipers, white bass, walleyes, and trout. It’s part crank and part jerk bait. It’s 3 1/2 inches, weighs 5/8 ounce and will go 3-7 feet. Fenwick

  The new Fenwick Elite rod family lives up to that legacy featuring seven species-specific rod models and a total of 49 unique rod actions designed to excel regardless of the species targeted. Featuring Powerlux 200 resin and 30-ton graphite, the Elite rods are a combination of lightweight feel and sensitivity. Each model features proven Fenwick actions that pair perfectly with popular techniques for catching a variety of fish. Combined with the advanced resin technology, other key features include premium high-quality cork, an ergonomic reel seat, Titanium guides with zirconia inserts, and a limited lifetime warranty.


  The FishLab BBZ Bio-Shad crankbait is a compact bodied four-piece swimbait that comes in at only 4 inches. The swimming action on this bait is phenomenal and mimics the tight swimming action of threadfin and baby gizzard shad perfectly. The square bill design helps the bait deflect off of rock and timber as well as a hybrid tail material for a lifelike swimming action and keeping the bait running true. The BBZ Bio-Shad also features tournament grade BKK treble hooks.


  The Flambeau Terminal Slim Waterproof Tuff Tainer packs a boatload of terminal tackle into a “slim” profile (1.7” depth) in comparison to the standard 5000/3700 series bandwidth (2.125” depth) while maintaining the same footprint. This terminal tackle storage solution is built to burden the heavy load of weights and neatly organize all terminal necessities by type, size, weight, or class. Individual, removable storage cups offer a “fish of the same fin school together” system that allows anglers to conveniently “pluck and pick” desired tackle components. An isolated tackle storage locker with a lid keeps micro terminal tackle like split rings, swivels, O-rings, beads, etc. individually contained. This user-friendly design paired with a heavy-duty ribbed construction, 3 Drawtite™ cam-over latches, and Zerust® infused dividers makes the Terminal Slim Waterproof Ultimate Tuff Tainer the ideal storage solution for protecting terminal tackle on and off the water. $24.99


  The G-Shield Tungsten Flipping Weight should be popular among matt punching tidal Potomac anglers. It features a specially designed composite insert that not only protects an angler’s line but also provides 360-degree protection for the knot. The insert is wider at the base than at the insertion hole so the hook can recess itself into the weight, creating a more compact, lifelike and snag-resistant offering. The flipping weight is slightly wider and excels when flipped or pitched into heavy cover and features a stealthy smoke-colored finish. For easy identification, the weight size is stamped on the side of each weight.


  The first tournament quality baitcast reel in the American Hero family features Authentically unique MultiCam® dip process military camo pattern, Premium 10 bearing system, One-piece aluminum frame with graphite sideplates, Externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS), Combat Grip® paddle grips and thumb bar and P2 Super Pinion® bearing supported pinion gear. $179 Lew’s first tournament quality spinning reel in the American Hero family features authentically unique MultiCam® dip process military camo pattern, proven aluminum frame and sideplate design, 11 bearing system, Zero Reverse® one-way clutch bearing and Black Ti anodized aluminum spool. $89

  The new Lew’s American Hero Tier 1 rods will be popular among area anglers. These Premium HM50 Tour Grade high modulus graphite blanks are tournament grade designed to Jamey Caldwell’s specifications. They feature Lew’s patented VTR (Vibration Transfer Ring®) allows direct contact with the blank, High density EVA split grips, Lew’s exclusive skeletal reel seat, and Authentically unique MultiCam® dip process military camo pattern.

  Featuring screaming fast 9.5:1 gear ratio, 40 inches RPT retrieve speed and premium 10 bearing system with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings, the Hyperspeed LFS will be very popular with anglers. The Zero Reverse® one-way clutch bearing, One-piece aluminum frame and gear sideplate, and 6-pin QuietCast® externally Adjustable Centrifugal Brake (ACB) system, coupled with a 20-pound carbon fiber drag system make this a work horse burner of a reel for serious anglers. $199

  Lew’s flagship Team Lew’s Elite TI SLP baitcasters feature Super Low-Profile design with superior control ergonomics and ParaMag™ braking system and recessed brake dial design integrate perfectly for seamless palming and incredible cast control. Beautiful and rugged black titanium deposition finish on aluminum hood and sideplates, accentuate the internal Hardened aluminum alloy Speed Gears® with exclusive P2 Super Pinion®. 11 bearing system with Japanese & NMB double-shielded stainless steel bearings, a NEW Speed Knot™ quick line attachment spool and Carbon fiber drag system with carbon drag star round out the features on this reel. $499.99


  Bringing versatility and durability in a floating soft-plastic bait, the Hive Versa Fish has a natural minnow/shad profile to help you catch more fish using a wider range of techniques. The Versa Fish can be fished as a Neko rig, shakey head, soft jerkbait, bottom bounced on a round jig head, NED rigs, or bladed jigs.

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  The Versa Worm can thrive with the Japanese influenced, Piku Piku style topwater finesse fishing. You can Texas rig the Versa Worm for a slow sinking, weedless presentation. Neko rig the lure and twitch the bait with a tail up presentation on bottom. This versatile bait excels in transforming itself to become your go-to lure on the water.

  Presentation is key to drop shot fishing, and the Lunkerhunt Hive Hover Shot is on “the level”!  The Hive Hover Shot can be used as a dropshot bait and represents a Goby, Leech, or small baitfish while keeping a perfect horizontal presentation, to give a more natural presentation. Featuring a deep-ribbed body and spade-action tail, these lures are designed for fish to hold on to longer, allowing you to set the hook. Featuring Lunkerhunt’s U.D.S.P, these baits were specially formulated to be neutrally buoyant and last longer on your hook so that you can spend your time fishing instead of replacing them.

Missile Baits

  Missile Baits has partnered with Hog Farmer Baits to offer the Spunk Shad in the Missile Baits soft plastic line up. The Spunk Shad is a pintail swimbait with a thick ribbed body and a small pintail that creates a seductive shimmy when fished on a Chatterbait, Scrounger, Ned rig, or weightless hook. Missile Baits will start with the Spunk Shad in 4.5” and 5.5” sizes. 

“The Spunk Shad is a great bait on a Chatterbait and I have thrown it for years. Hog Farmer makes a bunch of great baits but has limited distribution for their Spunk Shad. We think this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both companies,” says John Crews, BASS pro angler and Missile Baits owner.

  The Spunk Shad from Missile Baits will be offered in the 4.5” and 5.5” sizes. Both sizes will come in 6 colors, most of which match perfectly with the most popular Chatterbait Jackhammer colors including Green Pumpkin Delight that looks seamless with the BHite Delight colored Jackhammer. The Spunk Shads will be packaged in Missile Baits bags and be available anywhere you find Missile Baits. The Spunk Shad 4.5” and 5.5” will retail for the same price as the Hog Farmer colors, which are $5.99 for the 4.5” and $6.19 for the 5.5”. 

   Missile Baits is having Roboworm manufacture their new, all-purpose, finesse, hand poured soft plastic bait called the Magic Worm. It is a 6” straight worm with proportions that make the Magic Worm easy to rig in most of the popular finesse techniques including drop shot, Neko rig, Texas rig, shaky head, and wacky rig. will come in 12 totally unique colors that only Roboworm can pour.


  The Crush Worm has quickly become the mainstay drop shot bait for a wide range of anglers. We recommend using an extremely subtle technique with minimal rod tip movement as it’s been proven, consistently that slight twitches and dead sticking of the Crush Worm optimize the bait’s performance. Finesse Fishing just got even better with the NetBait Crush Worm infused with BaitFuel giving it the triple threat of color, action, and powerful scent performance. 


  The Rapala OG (Ott Defoe’s Garage) Rocco crankbait is a product of Defoe’s fertile fishing mind and professional angling experience. This is a highly castable, buoyant, round balsa bait with a square circuit board lip. It reportedly has a medium rolling action, runs five feet deep, deflects off cover and backs out of sticky situations. This bait is just 2-1/2 inches long, but weighs 3/8 ounce and sports a two No. 4 VMC Hybrid trebles.


  Shimano designed the ARMAJOINT 190SF to solve the challenges of casting a big jointed swimbait in search of trophy fish. Lure engineers leverage Shimano’s proprietary ARMA BOOST technology to significantly increase casting distance and accuracy by reducing unnecessary air resistance and the chances of the lure spinning during flight. As the angler casts the lure, ARMA BOOST technology facilitates the lure to disconnect from an internal magnet and forces the body to fold into its compact shape. $42.99

  Shimano’s Swagy Strong spinnerbait incorporates an innovative tapered-wire design for added toughness without sacrificing performance, ideal for hooking fish at the end of a long cast or in deeper water. The lower arm’s thicker (1mm) wire improves hookup ratios and adds durability for increased angler confidence when hooking into the fish of a lifetime. Swag Strong’s upper arm tapers to a thinner (0.9mm) wire that enables the lure’s specially-designed blades to transmit more vibration through the water. 

   Shimano’s legendary prowess in DC technology continues with the addition of the all-new Curado DC 200, an expansion to the tournament-proven Curado family of low-profile reels. The Curado DC 200 provides anglers up to 40% more line capacity for added versatility and performance using a wide range of baits and techniques, especially those looking to leverage heavier line, larger lures or maximize casting performance. $269

  Built upon a one-piece aluminum CoreSolid Body that houses Shimano’s Infinity Drive and MicroModule gearing system, the Shimano Bantam MGL A Casting Reel provides a solid in-hand feel and unbelievable reeling force to supply power without resistance or hesitation. Offering added versatility, the Shimano Bantam MGL A Casting Reel features an all new MGL Spool III with decreased startup inertia that enables anglers to cast further while providing the ability to use a variety of lure weights and presentations. $349  

  The Shimano Miravel is a lightweight yet powerful reel with fierce versatility for the multi-species angler. Built utilizing Shimano’s legendary carbon-infused CI4+ body to provide a lightweight platform and increased sensitivity, the Miravel also features Shimano’s MagnumLite rotor to allow for an effortless startup and quick hooksets. $129

  The redesigned SLX lineup features Shimano’s proprietary DIAFLASH technology — carbon tape diagonally wrapped in opposite directions on the outermost layer of the butt section to form an array of “X” shapes — to prevent twisting and enhance an angler’s pulling power. The comprehensive series of casting and spinning rods expands upon the previous generation of SLX rods and now features two models specifically for anglers throwing large swimbaits. $99

Strike King

 The Strike King Tour Grade Compact Tungsten Casting Jig allows for a small profile without reducing weight with a short-shanked, heavy-wire 3/0 hook and hand tied skirts. $6.49

   The Chick Magnet Jr is a scaled down version of their popular balsa flat side crank bait, the Chick Magnet Jr. features circuit board lips, diving depths of 2-4 feet and 13 colors for $9.99

  The Strike King Filler worm is a new shape to apply the OPT Technology to with multilayer colors, heavily salted bottoms with wide nose and thin body design to prevent splitting on the hook. Perfect for drop shot, shaky heads and Neko rigs. 

St. Croix

  Headlined by a trio of powerful, all-new swimbait models featuring the St. Croix-exclusive GRASP reel seat, St. Croix’s redesigned and comprehensive Legend Tournament Bass Series expands to 19 technique-specific casting models and eight spinning models for 2023. Featuring all-new SCIV+ carbon blanks and iACT Glass blanks on select reaction bait-models, new Legend Tournament Bass rods feature refined angler ergonomics and cosmetics, as well as all of St. Croix’s top technologies. Retail prices range from $290-$395 with a 15-year warranty.


  After its introduction at ICAST 2021, SpiderWire DuraBraid continues to impress anglers that demand high performance as the most abrasion-resistant conventional braided line on the market. Now, this popular braided line is available in Hi-Vis Yellow. SpiderWire DuraBraid sets the standard in technical performance with an increased abrasion resistance that is 25% tougher than other conventional braids.


  Developed by elite series pros Chris and Cory Johnston, The CJ Smasher is a 3-inch poured worm using Dura Tuff material for longevity and value, and each CJ Smasher is infused with The Amino Bite scent attractant. Available in 10 colors, 5 pack.


  The new Slinko maintains the classic Senko profile while adding some bulk with a ribbed-shaped body. Available in 18 popular colors.


  YUM Bait Company has joined forces with the legendary Scottsboro Tackle Company to deliver a new swimbait incorporating the action and looks of these hand-poured swimbaits. Available in four sizes and 10 colors.


  The 3DB Lipless Twitch Baits are a proven style for the inshore saltwater market and now Yo-Zuri has introduced a version designed specifically for the bass market. The same action that has caught fish all over the world but with black nickel hooks and split rings and color schemes choose by  MLF and BASS Elite pros. The bait features Yo-Zuri’s patented 3D internal prism and painted finishes that never chip or wear off. Slow sinking with a seductive wobble on a straight retrieve and a quick darting and flashing action on a twitch and pause retrieve. The deep body mirrors shad, bluegill or herring. Two sizes: 3-1/2” (9/16oz), 4-3/8” (1oz) and 13 color patterns that are a combination of painted, translucent and 3D prism finishes. 


 An original, ‘self-walking’ topwater lure, Z-Man’s 5-inch HellraiZer slashes, sputters and carves the surface. Designed by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis, the HellraiZer is power-driven by an exclusive, weighted tail blade. A simple, straight retrieve effortlessly planes the lure to the top, where it delivers its crazed fleeing action at slow or fast speeds. A thin, elongated, minimalist body sports a belly line tie and a single treble hook. The weighted tail blade connects to a rear, feathered treble hook to accentuate swimming motion. Five inches, 5/8 ounce.

  A new four-inch, surface kicker G-Toad features twin curved paddle feet that thump and churn at all reel speeds—from the slowest crawl to fast buzzing retrieves. V-shaped belly provides surface stability, while a ventral hook slot aids rigging and hookset success. Dorsal ridges protect hook points and provide a template for rigging with single or double hooks. Composed of naturally buoyant ElaZtech, this super versatile surface bait also boasts unheard of toughness. $4.99 per 3-pack.

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